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Pros and Cons of living

in Rochester, Iowa

(Rochester is Located in Cedar County)

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Pros and Cons of living in Rochester, Iowa

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Cost of Living
Pros & cons of Rochester, Iowa vs. other US areas?
Within 10-50 miles from an airport
Low house ownership rate
Low hurricane risk
Low race diversity
Low earthquake risk
Low occupation diversity
Low volcanic hazard risk
Low industry diversity
Low wildfire risk
No elementary school
Low poverty rate
No middle school
Plenty of parks
No high school
Weather with hot extremes
Median income is low
Pros & cons of Rochester in Iowa?
Low poverty rate
Cloudy skies
Great weather (high number of days with temperatures 50-90 F)
Wet weather
Plenty of parks
Median income is low
High % of land with trees
Low % of land is open
Pros & cons of Rochester, Iowa in Cedar County?
Plenty of parks
Median income is low
High % of land with trees
Low % of land is open

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Iowa township (Cedar County), IA

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House ownership rate is high

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Median income is high

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Low poverty rate

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