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(Mission Viejo is Located in Orange County)

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Zip code in Mission Viejo, California

Zip code: 92630
Income median household$108,963
Rent price 1BR$2,540
Rent price 2BR$3,020
Rent price 3BR$4,090
Rent price 4BR$4,850
Property Price 1BR$427,793
Property Price 2BR$583,384
Property Price 3BR$992,907
Property Price 4BR$1,206,171
Zip code: 92653
Income median household$111,111
Rent price 1BR$2,620
Rent price 2BR$3,110
Rent price 3BR$4,210
Rent price 4BR$4,990
Property Price 1BR$458,156
Property Price 2BR$616,762
Property Price 3BR$894,666
Property Price 4BR$1,379,260
Zip code: 92675
Income median household$111,875
Rent price 1BR$2,530
Rent price 2BR$3,000
Rent price 3BR$4,060
Rent price 4BR$4,820
Property Price 1BR$417,676
Property Price 2BR$646,121
Property Price 3BR$978,169
Property Price 4BR$1,632,393
Zip code: 92677
Income median household$125,495
Rent price 1BR$2,770
Rent price 2BR$3,290
Rent price 3BR$4,460
Rent price 4BR$5,280
Property Price 1BR$506,015
Property Price 2BR$743,583
Property Price 3BR$1,194,466
Property Price 4BR$1,653,166
Zip code: 92679
Income median household$197,951
Rent price 1BR$3,040
Rent price 2BR$3,610
Rent price 3BR$4,890
Rent price 4BR$5,790
Property Price 1BR$485,706
Property Price 2BR$652,967
Property Price 3BR$1,097,742
Property Price 4BR$1,504,194
Zip code: 92688
Income median household$127,522
Rent price 1BR$2,750
Rent price 2BR$3,260
Rent price 3BR$4,410
Rent price 4BR$5,230
Property Price 1BR$447,992
Property Price 2BR$630,113
Property Price 3BR$958,321
Property Price 4BR$1,222,279
Zip code: 92691
Income median household$122,967
Rent price 1BR$2,700
Rent price 2BR$3,210
Rent price 3BR$4,350
Rent price 4BR$5,150
Property Price 1BR$427,230
Property Price 2BR$605,014
Property Price 3BR$1,015,133
Property Price 4BR$1,171,178
Zip code: 92692
Income median household$128,194
Rent price 1BR$2,780
Rent price 2BR$3,300
Rent price 3BR$4,470
Rent price 4BR$5,300
Property Price 1BR$504,908
Property Price 2BR$781,930
Property Price 3BR$1,036,171
Property Price 4BR$1,332,021
Zip code: 92694
Income median household$165,290
Rent price 1BR$3,180
Rent price 2BR$3,780
Rent price 3BR$5,120
Rent price 4BR$6,070
Property Price 1BR$600,106
Property Price 2BR$822,502
Property Price 3BR$987,981
Property Price 4BR$1,506,584

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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Pros and Cons of living in Mission ViejoCalifornia in reviews from users in their own words:

Safe, sunny days, moderate weather, close to beaches and mountains
Politics, hot summers, border issues, cost of living
See all Pros & Cons
Safe, sunny days, moderate weather, close to beaches and mountains
Politics, hot summers, border issues, cost of living
See all Pros & Cons

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