Holland, Michigan

Zip code in Holland, Michigan

Zip codes  
Income median household$62361
Rent price 1BR$1000
Rent price 2BR$1130
Rent price 3BR$1510
Rent price 4BR$1560
Property Price 1BR$239744
Property Price 2BR$247640
Property Price 3BR$285142
Property Price 4BR$355832
Property Price 5BR$574970
Income median household$70411
Rent price 1BR$1040
Rent price 2BR$1170
Rent price 3BR$1560
Rent price 4BR$1620
Property Price 1BR$269818
Property Price 2BR$279213
Property Price 3BR$319937
Property Price 4BR$430352
Property Price 5BR$628813

Pros and Cons of living in Holland, Michigan in reviews from users in their own words:

  • "Affordable, college town, diversity, arts, great restaurants, great library"
  • "Utilities"
  • "Conservative, not singles friendly, very conservative Christian"