St. Cloud, Florida

St. Cloud, FL is #25.0 on the list Top 100 Best Cities for Outdoor Living in 2023, situated in the county #44.0 on the list Top 100 Healthiest Counties in America

Climate in St. Cloud, Florida

What is the climate like in St. Cloud, Florida? There are many important factors that may affect your personal climate preferences including average temperature and humidity, annual rainfall and snow, number of cloudy days, wind speeds, and more.

Climate comfort in St. Cloud, Florida

In a typical year, St. Cloud, Florida temperatures fall below 50F° for 28 days per year. Annual precipitation in St. Cloud is typically 47.8 inches per year (the highestAnalytics team at Dwellics grouped locations into 5 ranges for each metric: Lowest, Low, Moderate, High, Highest in the US) and snow covers the ground 0 days per year or 0.0% of the year (the lowestAnalytics team at Dwellics grouped locations into 5 ranges for each metric: Lowest, Low, Moderate, High, Highest in the US). It may be helpful to understand the yearly precipitation by imagining 10 straight days of moderate rain per year. The humidity in St. Cloud, Florida is below 60% for approximately 13.6 days or 3.7% of the year.

Number of days per year in each temperature range

  • -20° F
  • -10° F
  • 0° F
  • 10° F
  • 20° F
  • 30° F
  • 40° F
  • 50° F
  • 60° F
  • 70° F
  • 80° F
  • 90° F
  • 100° F
  • 110° F
  • 120° F
  • 130° F
Number of days per year in each humidity range:


Climate Mood comfort

Sunrise and sunset times vary by region in the United States. The duration of each day and the amount of sunlight can affect people's moods in a significant way. In St. Cloud, Florida, the shortest day starts at 7:42am and ends at 5:28pm and lasts for 10 hours 20 minutes. The longest day starts at 6:27am and ends at 8:26pm and lasts for 13 hours 56 minutes.

  • Shortest Day7:42am5:28pm
  • Longest Day6:27am8:26pm



Pros and Cons of living in St. Cloud, Florida in reviews from users in their own words:

  • "Easy escape from traffic and crowds to the south and east. Great and beautiful lakefront, activities State Street area has the most versatile and interesting housing two alike Less than an hour to attractions, ocean, Orlando and airports, swamps and adventures"
  • "Weather. Schools are good with lots of options. "
  • "Safe and walkable"
  • "Poor building code and zoning enforcement Loud cars/truck and cycles from people that need attention...not just the 20 somethings"
  • "crackhead at every corner"
  • "Expensive. Live with an old roommate and it sucks but will be hard to afford living alone. No beach or mountains "
  • "Conservative and uneducated"