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You're moving. What you maybe haven't considered is what does the local school district have to offer for your family? You may even be wondering "What are the best schools in my area?"

Dwellics can help! With our easy-to-use, School Comparison Calculator, you can quickly compare school ratings and scores, curriculums, average teacher salaries, reviews, and more. This can give you an idea of how well the schools are performing and can help you make an informed decision about where you’d like to move to.

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Our calculator also lets you compare schools across various states. You can look up elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools all with the tap of a few keys. Look at the top rankings of schools across different districts. Did you know that the typical rating of schools is only a reflection of other schools in the same area? Comparing across districts, like Dwellics offers, is the best way!

Why is this important? What should you consider in this situation? There are a few things to consider when comparing schools while in the moving process. One important factor is to make sure the schools are accredited. This will ensure that the schools will provide a quality education. Another thing to consider is the cost of tuition. Some schools may be more expensive than others. Also, consider the location of the schools. Some schools may be in a more convenient location than others.

Many schools would be glad to set up a tour for prospective students and their families to really get a feel for the atmosphere and meet the staff.

Making the decision to move can be difficult, but by taking the time to research your school options ahead of time, you can ease the transition for your family. This is all important because where you choose to live will have a big effect on your children’s future. Get ahead of the game and make an informed decision with Dwellics. We've got you covered!

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