Comparison Calculators

Use our data-driven comparison calculators to find detailed analysis of the places of interest

Cost-of-Living Calculator

Get detailed analysis of the actual cost of living in 60,000+ cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the U.S., including income levels, housing, utility, and internet costs, even groceries, dining out, and child care expenses. Compare two cities side by side or research a city using your personalized criteria.

Compare Climate

Discover the actual climate comfort of a place based on the number of days of sunshine, rain, snow, wind, and other weather occurrences. Compare two cities side by side or research any of 60,000+ U.S. cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods.

Compare Schools

Our PhD-level data scientists created a patented algorithm to analyze school performance based on dozens of metrics and create side-by-side comparisons of two schools, even if they’re in different districts, cities, or states.

Compare Two Cities

Enter any two cities or towns and see a side-by-side comparison of dozens of data points, including cost of living, taxes, natural disaster risks, air and water quality, climate, environment, local government, infrastructure, school performance, community demographic details like population size, religious and political affiliation, and much more.

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