Shopping List for Moving Supplies

Shopping List For Moving Supplies

When planning a move, you’ll need a shopping list of supplies to collect before you start packing. You can find free boxes and other packing materials, but it pays to purchase new supplies to protect fragile or important items to assure everything makes it to your destination undamaged. It may be tempting to buy all your supplies from your moving company or local home improvement store, but you’ll save money and time with this list of the best moving supplies on Amazon.

For a more hassle-free experience, use the links below to buy affordable and top-rated moving necessities. These are the essentials you can’t live without if you want an anxiety-free experience. These items can help eliminate damage to your treasures and belongings, from small knick-knacks to large appliances, and make packing less time-consuming.

Boxes and Totes

This is the most important moving supply. Sometimes you may be able to find boxes locally from larger grocers or retailers in your area or on social media sites. But rarely are they sturdy, clean or the right sizes for your needs. Get small boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for things like bedding. If you’ll be storing your items for an extended period, consider buying plastic totes to keep everything sealed and dry. Moving your wardrobe is much easier if you invest in a purpose-made box that includes a metal hanging rod, so your clothes can go right from from your closet to box, then into your new closet again without folding and wrinkling. Amazon has the best quality and variety of sizes with the added benefit of a quick delivery to your front door.

Shop Bankers Boxes | Shop Box Combo Pack | Shop Reusable Tote Storage Containers | Shop Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Packing Tape

You may be tempted to buy cheap packing tape or spend too much on quality tape at a pricy home improvement store. Reliable name-brand tape does not shred or come unstuck. It’s easy to underestimate how much tape will be needed; buy more than you expect to use and don’t skimp on the tape dispenser either. Amazon offers affordable options that include several rolls of name-brand tape, each with its own attached dispenser that cuts the tape so you don’t have to worry about keeping scissors or a knife handy.

Shop Packing Tape With Dispenser

Bubble and Paper Wrap

Don’t just throw things in a box. Use foam or bubble wrap for dishes and oddly shaped breakables, and paper wrap for items you don’t want scratched in the move. Newspaper can come in handy in a pinch but consider buying packages of newsprint-style paper cut into convenient-sized sheets. New, unprinted paper will keep your items clean as well as protected. Honeycomb paper is available as a more sustainable alternative to bubble wrap but consider using plastic wrapping options for items that could get wet, as paper will disintegrate if it gets wet and lose its effectiveness as packing material.

Shop Bubble Wrap | Shop Honeycomb Wrapping Paper | Shop Sheet Wrapping Paper | Shop Rolled Wrapping Paper

Markers and Labels

Most people label boxes simply by writing on the side of them, but some use color-coded labels. Whatever your preference, invest in permanent markers and make sure the boxes you need first – kitchen essentials, bathroom basics – are labeled clearly. You can write directly on the boxes with different colored markers or buy simple white labels and get them ready to apply in advance. Affordable color-coded selections of labels pre-printed with common rooms and items can make the process easier – some even include “fragile” labels and stickers to note boxes that need to go to storage, and blank space within the printed labels to further customize the room designations. 

Permanent Markers | Pre-printed Labels | Blank Labels


Do your hands a favor and buy some good work gloves to protect from scrapes, cuts, and soreness. Rubber-type gloves like those used for washing dishes and housecleaning will protect your hands but it can be hard to keep packing tape from sticking to them. Fabric gloves like those used for gardening are a good choice when working with tape. Both types of gloves are inexpensive and reusable.

Reusable Household Gloves | Fabric Utility Gloves

Plastic Bags

Collect a supply of zip-lock bags and trash bags. Use zip-lock bags to keep screws, bolts, or washers together so you can reassemble furniture on the other end of your move. Quart- and gallon-sized zipper bags also can help organize flatware and other small kitchen and bathroom items. Use the trash bags for quick clean up duties. They are also great for last-minute packing for items like pillows or clothing. is dedicated to providing quality data and information free of charge to help people find the right place to live their best life, however they choose to define it. It helps support our research efforts when you use the links on this page to make Amazon purchases. Our small commission doesn’t affect the prices you pay but helps’s PhD-level data scientists keep working to bring you the best pop-up-free content you’ll find anywhere online. We thank you for your support!

For tips on the best packing methods for dishes and kitchenware, read our article on “How To Pack Dishes For Moving” here.

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