Moving Trends In 2022

Americans were on the move in 2022! Research shows more than 30 milion Americas relocated in 2022 – that’s nearly 20 percent of the total population. Southern states remained popular destinations last year, although the prevalence of remote work allowed many people to move out of cities to enjoy a more rural lifestyle. Here are some statistics to better understand the 2022 moving trends in America.

How Many Americans Moved to a New Locale in 2022?

In the United States, the average adult is likely to relocate 11.2 times in their lifetime. In 2022, more than 19% of the entire population of the United States moved to a new residence. A total of 43 percent stayed within the same city, with 35 percent moving to a new city in the same state. Reports indicate 20 percent of movers relocated to another state.

Why Americans Moved to a New Locale in 2022

While reasons for changing home location differ from one person to another, some reasons for moving are more common. In 2022 some notable reasons why people relocated to a different city include:

  1. Climate Change

Rising sea levels and extreme weather events such as heat waves, storms, and floods have become key determinants in the decision to relocate to other cities in America. More people are seeking to live in cities with favorable climatic conditions. It’s estimated that about 23% of relocations by Americans in 2022 were as a result of climate change.

  1. Cost of Living

As the cost of living continued to escalate across cities and states in the United States, some cities fooered a more favorable cost of living compared to others. As a result, many middle-class families moved to these cities.

  1. Job Opportunities

Searching for greener pastures is one of the contributors to location change by Americans. Over the last decade, the estimated average number of Americans who move stands at about 10% of the population. About 30% of these people move in search of job opportunities and better livelihoods. Economic reports show people’s movement from low-income to high-income cities across the United States continues. Similarly, Americans moved from cities with higher unemployment rates to cities with more potential job opportunities.

  1. Family-Related Reasons

Most Americans still value family relationships, and reports indicate moving to be closer to family remains among the top reasons Americans relocated in 2022. . It is more likely to find people moving because they want to be close to their relatives. Conversley, many people moved because to establish their own household away from family, and others purchased a home and moved out of rental accommodations.

  1. Public Amenities & Infrastructure

At this time and age, people consider cities with undisrupted electricity, internet, and water as liveable cities of choice. For most Americans, avoiding traffic jams was also a key reason for moving from cities they considered congested to cities with easy traffic and less congestion.

Legal Migration to the U.S. from Abroad in 2022

The United States remained a top destination for immigrants from the rest of the world in 2022. By the end of the year, more than 1 million new people obtained lawful permanent residency in the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). That includes those already in the country but seeking permanent residence, and new arrivals. The tables below present this data.

Region and country of nationalityTotalQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
North America331,03381,80482,30882,57684,345
South America96,30022,96623,57324,61225,149

Region and country of nationalityTotalQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
North America158,89842,00039,83238,40738,659
South America34,0739,3148,3678,1198,273

Region and country of nationalityTotalQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4

Cities That Recorded Highest Number of People Moving In and Out in 2022

Intra-American relocation remained high in 2022, with most Americans who relocated hoping for a better livelihood. Some of the places that saw people move out and move in within the year include:

Top American Cities Where People Moved Out

  1. New York City

Among the reasons why people left New York City are congestion and air pollution. The city is experiencing high costs of living, increased taxes, underemployment, and skyrocketing rents.

  1. Washington, DC

The out-migration from the U.S. capital resulted from exorbitant housing costs and a high cost of living. Again, the city is the country’s center of politic, and its numerous public attractions make it a major tourist destination. The millennial generation is believed to comprise the highest percentage of people who migrated from Washington DC to other cities across the United States.

  1. Chicago

People moving out of Chicago in 2022 cited high housing costs, crime, and lack of economic activities as the main reasons for moving to other growing cities and towns in the U.S. Besides, the city also has a high taxation rate.

  1. Los Angeles

The move out of Los Angeles city is because of high urban crime, increased unhoused population, poor quality public-school education, and high cost of living. Political and social strife and activism also prompted major corporations and many people to opt out of Los Angeles.

  1. Boston

Boston is also considered one of the high-cost cities. That, coupled with other challenges such as climate change and commuting and housing problems, have forced quite a number of people from the city.

Top American Cities Where People Moved In

As Americans looked for good education, affordable housing, a moderate cost of living, and good public amenities and infrastructure, here are a few cities where they found sanctuary in 2022. Reasons cited by most people as having led to moving to these cities included increased economic opportunities, good education, good local government, and security. Other reasons included low taxation and affordable cost of living. The top American cities that saw high in-migration in 2022 are:

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Denver, Colorado
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina
  5. Missoula, Montana
  6. Houston, Texas
  7. Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina
  10. Salt Lake City, Utah

Where Did Immigrants to the U.S. in 2022 Settle?

Immigrants to the U.S. prefer some destinations over others based on several factors, including culture, opportunities, cost of living, and reception of immigrants. Some of the states that seemed preferable to immigrants from the rest of the world to the United States are:

  1. California

Most 2022 immigrants who chose to settle in California were from Latin America (including Central and South America), Europe, and Asia. There are also smaller numbers of Africans and Arabs who settled in the state. Different cultures are prevalent in specific areas. For example, “Little China” neighborhoods in San Francisco and Los Angeles are more predominant with Chinese and Asian immigrants.

  1. New York

The state was a preferred destination for immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. Other immigrant groups who chose the state as their home include those from Asia and the Middle East. Smaller groups of Latinos also preferred settling in the state. The state of New York, especially in places like New York City, is known to have best accommodated Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures.

  1. Florida

Florida has attracted immigrants from Central America for quite some time, and 2022 wasn’t exceptional. Other notable immigrant groups that opted to settle in the Sunshine State include those from Europe. There were also smaller groups of Asians, Africans, and Middle Eastern immigrants settling in Florida.

  1. Texas

The state of Texas is one that seemed especially attractive to immigrants from South and Central America, as well as Asians. A sizable percentage of European immigrants also appeared to have caught the Lone Star State’s allure.

  1. Maryland

Like many states in the Northeast, Maryland is known to welcome immigrants. The state was a good choice for entrepreneurial immigrants in 2022. About 6.9% of those who moved to Maryland from abroad became successful entrepreneurs, way above the national average. The state also attracted more immigrants owning to its immigrant-favorable state government policies.

  1. New Jersey

Many immigrants saw the state as among the top with the best immigrant policies in 2022. The state has a score of 5.0 on immigration policy, enev better than New York. New Jersey has earned the crown of being an immigrant-dependent state. That is due to the high population of working and entrepreneurial immigrants choosing to settle there.

  1. Illinois

The state ranked top for having the best immigration policy in 2022. Having one of the most favorable education systems for immigrants made the state a top choice for immigration in 2022. Illinois has excellent infrastructure such as roads, internet, and rail networks. It also prides itself on general prosperity and good economic prospects. Most immigrants who settled in the state in 2022 were Mexican and Central Americans.

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