Making Friends in a New City

How to Make Friends in a New City

Have you ever asked yourself, how can I make new friends in my area? Making friends in a new city can be a source of anxiety. Fortunately, even people who are moving to a new state where they don’t know anyone, need not worry! What kind of friends are you looking for? Are they loyal, honest, accepting and fun? What do you see yourself doing with them? Are you an avid reader, gamer or gourmet mushroom enthusiast? Identify your greatest passions, that’s your first clue on where is a good place to meet new friends. Here are 8 tips for making friends in a new city that both compliment your vibe and encourage your growth.

Social Media Communities to Make Friends

Whether Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn; there are many online groups to make new friends. Mastermind groups help people starting a business surround themselves with like minded individuals who support each other. Additionally, there are communities on LinkedIn where people with certain professional designations can network and share their success. Facebook groups include many topics from gardening to gaming. If you have a hobby you’re working on, you can join a group to share your projects and ask for suggestions on how to level up. As you share your unique voice, you may start attracting other people that find your experience resonates with them.

Volunteer functions

If you love giving back by serving at soup kitchens or handing out bags of food to needy families through feeding America, this can be a great way to make new friends in your area. Firstly, communities are always looking for people to lend a set of helping hands. Local libraries, animal shelters and community centers are excellent places to start. Think about your strengths and where they are needed most in your new city.

Consult your current network

Remember not to forget the family and friends you already have. Consider creating some sort of newsletter or post that will tell them about your move to a new city. They may be connected to someone they can introduce you to in your new city. In addition, you can set up a Zoom get together a few times a month to socialize. Zoom dinner parties have become part of popular culture in recent years! Finally, brainstorming ways to keep your current network involved in your life as you search for new friends will be an invaluable tool.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill locally can open doors for new connections. Simply obtaining your CPR certification at the local fire department can be a great way to meet new friends. Rather than take classes alone online, find classes within your new city that offer training. If you have a weekend to get your motorcycle license or two nights a week to take a class at a community college this can be a great way to make new friends.

Networking Events for Making Friends

Networking at the Chamber of Commerce is another way to meet new friends in a new city. For instance, ribbon cutting ceremonies can be a fun way to get to know the community. Additionally, local art galleries often host events to showcase artists or offer event space to clubs and organizations. Street painting and music festivals in the summertime could also be the best way to meet new friends in a new city. Local farmer’s markets allow people to buy and eat locally sourced food and meet new friends.

Self Help Groups

Nowadays many people love to grow and improve their lives with self help groups. Single parents can meet each other for support on how to parent better. Trauma therapy groups can help someone overcome a wide range of struggles. Consider this method if you don’t know how to make new friends. There’s surely a support group for that!

Share your expertise

Is there something you do exceptionally well? If you share what you know, you can contribute and attract new friends. Maybe there is a nonprofit organization in your new city that needs help with their social media and you know how to do this. If you find organizations you’re drawn to, find out if they need help; you can take on a project that will help you get in front of people that share your ideals and this could lead to more than one new friendship.

Friend apps

In conclusion to our list of tips for making new friends in a new city, friendship apps make meeting people easy. Meetup, Peanut, Yubo, Wink and Bumble BFF are great apps for making friends in a new city. They group people with similar interests together and allow for unique ways to meet and interact. Additionally, consider some top rated dating apps if you’re ready to share your life with someone special. Bumble, Silver Singles, eHarmony and Match are some popular choices that provide this opportunity. What is your favorite app for making friends in a new city?

In closing, now that you know exactly how and where to find your next group of friends, consider the ways in which you’re an awesome friend. Knowing your worth goes a long way in presenting that value to others. Maybe you can sit in quiet reflection about how great a friend you are so you can carry that feeling with you as you meet new people. We wish you the best on this exciting journey!

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