How To Find Rental Homes

How To Find Rental Homes

If you’re searching for rental homes, here are the best websites to find houses for rent. We offer top ads for renting houses and apartments in the United States, all for your convenience.

Sites to Find Rental Homes

Finding rental homes doesn’t have to be hectic if you are on the right online platform. In the United States, finding a rental is as easy as pressing a button from any part of the world. There are hundreds of sites and apps to find houses for rent. Here are some of the best online platforms with the best rental listings in the United States.


PadMapper prides itself as home to over a million houses, condos, sublets, and apartments. If you reside or are a visitor in big cities across the US and are looking for an excellent place to stay, PadMapper is your best choice for apartment rentals listings. Some American cities where you can benefit from PadMapper’s services include Las Vegas, Detroit, Houston, etc.


Hotpads is also another top website to search house for rent. The platform has numerous features that make it stand out among other rent homes websites. Some of these features include user-friendly design and ease of inputting your workplace. Besides, the website also shows access modes to the rental, whether by foot, road, bike, or public transport. has earned its place among American best sites to find houses and apartments for rent by owner. The website is the place to be if you’re to have any hope of finding a rental home that meets your standards. has several advantages, which include;

  1. Free rental site services,
  2. Robust filters,
  3. It offers competitive prices for customers to select based on affordability,
  4. User-friendly and welcoming interface design, and
  5. It only suggests verified apartments and houses for rent.

DeLeon Realty

DeLeon Realty ranks among the best rental agency for houses in California. Finding rental homes matching your preferences is easier and faster when you are on this platform. The website has top-notch services for people seeking houses for rent through agencies, thus benefiting both the owner of the property and the person renting the apartment or home. Benefits to enjoy on the platform include;

  1. Professional employees with expertise in various cities and neighborhoods,
  2. Virtual tours are offered to those seeking to buy or rent a home, and
  3. High traffic for home buyers, sellers, and those seeking to rent a home.


Zillow is a top real estate website and has earned a reputation for connecting landlords to potential rentals within the United States. Besides offering houses for rent by landlord, the site also provides one of the best platforms for home buyers and sellers. Some of the most notable advantages of being on this platform include;

  1. An extensive database from which you can search for the most convenient homes and apartments for you.
  2. An excellent filtering tool, allowing users to narrow the search to a specific location or home quality.
  3. It provides a precise specification of the type of property. That includes the number of rooms, color, floor area, etc.
  4. It has a well-designed, user-friendly interface.
  5. It indicates the year the building was completed. is widely known for house sales. If you’re hoping to own a home within the United States, this is the website you ought to be on. The online platform has an unmatched reputation for connecting home buyers and sellers. Nevertheless, the website also offers helpful information on where to find private rentals in the US.


Homesnap is your one-stop shop for finding rental homes and apartments for rent. The online platform combines website services and apps to find houses to rent, thus enhancing customer experience. With the digital communication centralized and access to the most recent data provided, you can be sure to find a home or apartment of your preferences. Below are the advantages of being on this site.

  1. You can access it as a website and as an app.
  2. The app features rank top among the best apps to find rent in the US.
  3. It has a user-friendly interface.
  4. Communication between all parties is quick and professional.
  5. It is up-to-date and provides the most recent information on where and how to find a home to rent.
  6. The site doesn’t allow third-party advertisements.

Where to Find Private Rentals

If you’re still struggling with where to find private rentals, you haven’t checked some of the best online sites for that. However, before we get there, you should know that different states require different approaches to choosing a rental. The difference is because of various states’ regulations, cultural differences, and general environment.

Circling back to the best places to finding rental homes in America, let’s consider three cities representing different regions in the United States. The three states are Texas, Washington, and Maryland. Now let’s see how these cities differ or compare in finding private rentals.


1-Bedroom Apartment (Downtown)$1,646.35$1,174.29$1,633.92
1-Bedroom Apartment (Outside City Center)$1,361.72$924.01$1,310.18
Internet Connection (50 mbps or more)$71.86$67.87$66.35
From the analysis table, the monthly rental price for the three states differs, with Texas being the least expensive and Washington and Maryland being the most costly. However, remember these are average prices.

Landlord-Friendly or Tenant-Friendly?

When it comes to where is the best place to look for rental homes, which the law favors is essential. Comparing the three states shows that Texas and Maryland are landlord-friendly, while Washington is tenant-friendly. That’s because Washington’s regulations require a tenant to be accorded enough time to read, understand, and sign the lease document, among other laws.


How much tax is charged on a rental property significantly influences the pricing when finding rental homes. Therefore, when determining where to find private rentals, check on the state rental taxes. Comparing the same three states, Texas has the highest rental tax at about 1.69%, followed by Maryland at 1.06%, while Washington comes in third at 0.93%.

Property Appreciation

If the property value in the state you reside in is rising, that will influence the increase in house prices and apartments for rent by owner. As of June 2022, property values in Washington State rose by 21.8%, the highest among the three states. Texas comes in second at 19.8%, with the slightest rise in property value in Maryland at 13.1%. As such, finding a rental home depends on the rate at which property value rises.

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies raise premiums based on the threat to the property. The threat could be a natural calamity or otherwise. A higher insurance premium means the rent could rise. A comparison of the three states of Texas, Maryland, and Washington shows the difference.

Texas presently has a percentage of households’ median income spent at 2.7%. On the other hand, Maryland and Washington have 1.65% and 1.31%. That means high insurance premium in Texas raises the rental prices in the state by a higher percentage compared to Washington and Maryland.

Best Way to Find Homes to Rent

If you ever grapple with where to look for rental properties, you should equip yourself with the best techniques for finding a rental home. There are those techniques that work wonders when finding a rental home. With them, you never struggle with the question ‘how to look for a rental house?’ ever again. Here are the most suitable techniques to apply.

Websites and Apps

In today’s world, you don’t need a lot of paperwork to find a rental home. There are hundreds of best sites to find houses for rent, and you should try them. If you are on a viable rent homes website, be sure you will find a suitable home in hours at your convenience. Similar speed and convenience are possible for people on apps to find houses to rent.

Real Estate Agent

Hiring a rental agency for houses would be a great idea if you are too busy to find one yourself. All you need to do is pay and drop your contact, and within no time, someone will call you with the best fit for you. So next time you wonder how to find places for rent near me, contact a rental agency for houses, and you will be sorted out within a reasonable time.

Use Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in passing information in many industries, and rental isn’t an exception. Many people online have apartments for rent and are seeking customers. Nevertheless, social media is affected by false or inconclusive information. Thus it is not a very suitable option compared to apps or websites.

Drive through your desired neighborhood

Driving through a neighborhood may seem appropriate because it gives you first-hand experience. However, it is essential to note the technique is time-consuming and exhausting. Besides, it is limited to a particular location at the time, and there is no guarantee you will get to find all the available rental houses nearby.

Why You Should Get Serious About Renting a Home

Renting a home involves a significant financial commitment that could last a long time. When finding a rental house online, you should always pay attention to specific areas. Some of the reasons to get serious about renting a home include;

  1. Costs: Renting a house has fewer ongoing and upfront costs. There are little to no repair or maintenance costs.
  2. No Taxes: Renting doesn’t attract property taxes.
  3. Flexibility: Renting a house gives options for one to move from one location to another without much struggle easily.
  4. Decline in Value: Renting a house removes any worry that the property is declining in value and you could lose your investment.
  5. Lower Insurance Costs: Since you don’t own the property, you don’t have to insure it against all the possible risks. That responsibility lies with the owner.
  6. Financial Planning: As a renter, you can adjust the rental costs by moving to more convenient and affordable locations. Thus, you’re still able to live within your abilities.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a House

Finding a home can be on a rent homes website or apps to find houses to rent. However, it isn’t something you jump into. Here are a few questions you need to ask before renting a home.

  1. How much is the rent amount?
  2. Is it a year-long or a month-to-month lease?
  3. What does the application process involve?
  4. What safety?
  5. When is the availability of the house?
  6. What are the acceptable payment methods for the rentals?
  7. What is the pet policy?
  8. How do I place my requests to the management?
  9. What is the cost-sharing ratio with the landlord?
  10. What appliances and furnishing come with the rental house?
  11. How often does rent increase, and at what percentage?
  12. Do I require insurance as a renter?
  13. What’s the policy on subletting and roommates?

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