Checklists for Moves in One Month or Less

A detailed process of moving from one place to another makes all the difference in successfully relocating from your previous home to another. Here is a one month or less than a month checklist you should consider when moving.

3 to 4 Weeks Checklist

Let’s begin with a checklist of what you should accomplish in 3 to 4 weeks before moving.


Decide on the final moving method and select your mover. While at it, confirm from the mover through a formal communication of the agreed date and time.
Start by parking the non-essentials. These are things you are not going to use in the final month of your stay in the current residence before moving.
Label the boxes based on the room and items inside. Developing a code for the various items would be essential.
Sort out the delicate or personal items you want to carry yourself and put them in a different and well-marked moving box.
Check to ensure you have enough moving boxes for all the items you will be required to pack by the time you move.
Develop an inventory list including the allocated codes and the serial numbers of major electronic items. It is a vital step in ensuring creation of a reliable home inventory.
Commence the process of changing address by filling out the necessary forms.
If travelling over a long distance, take your car for a tune-up to ensure it is in good condition and ready for the journey.
Inform close family members, friends, employers, and other relevant people of your new residence and address.

1 to 2 Weeks Checklist

Having address some things that required close to a month of attention to ensure a smooth movement from your current location to your new residence. Here is a checklist for the activities you will need to complete within the last two weeks before moving.


Continue with the packing of all the items you feel you will no longer use until you have moved into your new home.
Pack the items grouped in order or priority. Those that you will need to use first after moving-in being the easiest to unpack.
If you have a business or are employed, make plans for a day off on the day of your moving out.
Involve the children and any other person you will move out with to ensure all the items they may require are packed too.
Make plans to find a person who can watch over your little children on the day you are moving out. It should be someone you trust and if possible, a person who the children can easily relate to or engage with.
Start packing the clothes and other personal items in your suitcase.
Call you mover and confirm the method of moving, the date of moving, and other details.
If you or anyone you’re moving out with take any medications, ensure the prescriptions are refilled. That’s especially so for long distance moves.
Set the dates and start cancelling utility services offered at your old residence. They may include water, gas, electricity, housecleaning, and newspaper services among others.
Check the damages on the electronics and furniture and note them in the inventories file.
If there are items that requires dismantling before moving, Then, begin the process of doing so.
Re-check the paperwork for both the old and the new place and ensure all the necessary requirements have been met.
Empty the safe deposit box and properly secure the items for safety during the move.
Ensure flammables such as gasoline, paint, and propane are totally used up. If completely consumed by the time you’re planning to move, you can give it to other people or seek external service for their safe transportation.
Visit your new place and make a verification that utilities such as water, heating & cooling systems, and power utilities are working.
Conduct an inspection of the new place and take note of all damages. You can take pictures for evidence if necessary.
Contact the landlord of your new place and ask them to make the necessary repairs and repaint the house.
If the new landlord can’t repair the house, have an agreement with them to do the repairs yourself but have your rent for the first few months reduced.

1 Day Checklist

Besides, the 1-2 week activities, other things you need to pay attention to in the last 2-3 days include;


Re-check and make confirmation that all details and paperwork pertaining to the moving have been successfully completed.
Create an action plan outlining the order of activities on the moving day.
Confirm that the movers remember of the date and have a big enough truck to hold all your items.
Confirm that you have all the money ready for the moving expenses.
Defrost the refrigerator and clean it.
Ensure all the tools necessary for unpacking are well kept and easily accessible.
Check to ensure all other essentials such as documents, pen & paper, snacks, and bottles filled with drinkable water are within reach.
Set aside boxes you want to move by yourself.

Moving Day Checklist

Now that you are moving closer to the moving day. There are also those things you need to ensure are done for the process to be smooth. The check list for the moving day is as follows;


Remove the beddings and begin to unassembled the beds.
Do an orientation of the house and items you want moved to the movers and develop a plan for steps to undertake together.
Walk through to determine if everything you wanted moved has been loaded and readied for moving. Check awkward places such as behind the doors, on window frames, etc.
Take keen inventory of the boxes and other items you wanted moved before signing the bill of lading and leaving.
Leave your new contacts to your old neighbours to forward any mails sent to your previous address.
Confirm with the movers that they have the correct address of your new residence.
Close the windows and lock the door of your old house and hand over the keys to the new owner or the landlord.
Direct the movers on how to unpack and fix things in your new place.
When you have taken the inventory and confirmed everything to be okay, sign the bill of landing.
Starr unpacking your boxes and fixing items where you want them. You can start with the kitchen, table room, bedroom, bathroom, and other essential items.

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