Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, AZ is #37 on the list Top 100 Best Cities to Work Remote in 2023, #35 on the list Top 100 Best Cities to Work Remote in 2023

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Should you move to Phoenix, Arizona? Is Phoenix, Arizona a good place to live? When determining what cities are good for your personality, life situation, and personal preferences, there are many factors to consider including climate, cost of living, community, job opportunities, population makeup, activities, and things to do.

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Median Household Income$62,700Read more
Annual Precipitation8.5 inches per yearRead more
Air Quality98 days per yearRead more
National Rankings SchoolsScored 44 on a scale of 0 to 100Read more
Population1658422Read more
Distance to Airport6 milesRead more
Zip Code85383Read more
Advantages of PhoenixLow property taxRead more




Pros and Cons of living in Phoenix, Arizona in reviews from users in their own words:

  • "Winter weather"
  • "warm"
  • "Mild winters,"
  • "nothing"
  • "Large city, sunny weather, local businesses"
  • "Own a home, sunny"
  • "Cheap and wearher"
  • "Climate"
  • "No snow "
  • "The scenery"
  • "Close to hiking and shops"
  • "Mild Winters"
  • "Sunshine, lots to do, something for everyone"
  • "Weather is great 2/3 of the year, Clear skies, plenty to do"
  • "warm"
  • "Lived here all my life"
  • "Sunny"
  • "Outdoors Fall Spring"
  • "nothinh"
  • "Family, Proximity, Safe"
  • "The winter. Less humidity"
  • "weather, suburbs, views"
  • "Variety of restaurants"
  • "Relative low cost of living, good highway system"
  • "Clean"
  • "outdoors, swimming, restaurants"
  • "bad air"
  • "Conservative, low education, summer heat"
  • "everything"
  • "Too hot, unsafe, poor education, too conservative"
  • "Big, hot, unfriendly"
  • "The wearther and crowds and crime"
  • "Politics"
  • "Heat"
  • "The transportation"
  • "Too congested, crime, high cost of living "
  • "Intensely hot summers"
  • "Too hot when not beautiful outside; education statewide "
  • "Housing too expensive, Summers are too hot"
  • "people."
  • "Weather, homeless, liberal politics "
  • "Republican"
  • "Heat Cost of Living"
  • "weather recreation"
  • "The heat, dry, desert, people"
  • "Crime, traffic, cost of living, summer heat"
  • "lived here forever and need a change"
  • "too hot, too crowded, traffic, rude people"
  • "Hot, too big"
  • "The weather"
  • "Summer all the time "
  • "too far from family, too hot"