St. Paul, Alaska

St. Paul, AK is situated in the county #67.0 on the list Top 100 Healthiest Counties in America

Pros and Cons of living in St. Paul, Alaska according to Data

  • Low sales tax
  • No state income tax
  • Government spending is high
  • Religion diversity
  • More people with STEM degrees
  • Low tornado risk
  • Low hurricane risk
  • Low risk of severe storms
  • Low earthquake risk
  • Low wildfire risk
  • Good air year round
  • Low cancer incidence rate
  • Low cancer mortality rate
  • Too far from an airport
  • Substance abuse rate on the higher side
  • No elementary school
  • No middle school
  • No high school
  • Less comfortable weather (low number of days with temperatures 50-90 F)
  • Higher number of windy days (>6km/h)
  • Less comfortable humidity (more often >60%)
  • Cloudy skies
  • Dry weather