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Data-Driven Rankings Based on User Preferences

Dwellics is a city search engine developed in 2020 by PhD-level data scientists that uses a patented algorithm which considers 100+ metrics to help users find the best new place to live based on their own personal lifestyle choices. Looking for a place with a vibrant nightlife? Or a rural setting far from the big-city lights? Need top-rated schools for your children? Fast internet for remote work? Great public transportation? Affordable housing? You choose the parameters and Dwellics will create a list of places that suit all your wants and needs.

Our city search tools and calculators were developed with users in mind to make it easy to find exactly the right mix of options and opportunities needed to live your best life, however you choose to define it. Our team understands the importance of in-depth research before making a big move. We are dedicated to diving deep into the data to offer the full picture before we provide recommendations for places for you to live.

  • Effortless Comparisons - We pull figures and statistics from 50+ resources, letting you filter them with ease and compare metrics for as many cities as you’d like.
  • Up-to-Date Statistics - Using 100+ metrics in six categories – public safety, cost of living, school performance, government and infrastructure, climate, and community demographics – we offer the most complete data analytics available. Dwellics considers evolving trends and continuously checks data quality, giving you the confidence that our platform provides valuable matches.
  • Metrics That Matter - Based on your specific needs and desires, our powerful algorithms dive deep to find the best possible locations for you to live. Most importantly, we take user feedback seriously and continuously update our systems to meet your needs.

The Dwellics Team

Discovering new places is at our core. Our team includes individuals who live in the United States – including California, Arizona, Illinois, and Massachusetts - Ukraine, Finland, Canada, Poland, and elsewhere across the world. This global reach brings diverse experience and unmatched knowledge to Dwellics' complex data development. The result? A platform that truly simplifies your search for a place to call home.

Dwellics was designed and developed by highly skilled, passionate professionals in multiple areas such as climate change, sociology, urban development, big data, and more. Our team incorporates environmentalists, analysts, developers, statisticians, seasoned professional journalists, and dedicated PhDs who are all focused on one goal: Empowering Dwellics users with everything they need to make an informed decision about where to relocate to. Rather than throwing loads of data at you, we empower you to set as many or as few preferences as you want to guide you to new locations where you won't just live, you’ll thrive.


We Do the Hard Work for You

The reasons for moving to a new place are as diverse as the American population. You may have a family, or plan to move alone. You may want to save money, or treat your family to a better life. It may be time to find a larger home and outstanding schools for a growing family, or downsize for retirement. Perhaps relocating is about finding a place with more sunny days, a rural lifestyle in closer proximity to nature, or a more vibrant life in a larger city. Regardless of the reasons you want to relocate, you definitely need a lot of detailed information and the latest data to make the best decision.

It’s no longer necessary to compare each data point one by one; Dwellics’ patented algorithm is designed to generate a list of places chosen to fit your specific needs and desires. While other city search platforms only gather basic, incomplete information about preferences, present you with options from a limited set of locations, or leave you with too much data to compare, our process allows us to dive deep to discover the best possible locations for you to live according to your own personal goals. Starting a new life in a new locale is challenging enough already; at Dwellics, we work hard to make the experience easy for you.

Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova

Meet OwnerGiselle Sitdykova’s achievements include an MBA degree and extensive experience in the fields of data management and financial reporting in the mortgage industry

Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova truly is passionate about mathematics and data. She has a Master’s Degree in Business and 20 years’ experience in finance, banking, and real estate. Her interest in computer technology started early: In her high school years, when boys were given priority in computer classes, she remained committed and persistent, standing at the teacher’s door daily for a month until finally winning a place in the class.

That same determination and tenacity are evident in the construction of the patented algorithm that makes Dwellics a powerful city search platform. When she decided to create the metrics-driven search engine, Giselle became certified in Cloud Technology, and earned her AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. She never stops studying to expand her knowledge base and improve Dwellics content.

Giselle’s focus is centered on building trust in data, turning analytics into action for people across the United States. Determined to avoid building another “cookie cutter” neighborhood discovery website, Giselle consistently challenges herself and her team to produce the most detailed city search tools possible while making the platform easy to use and completely customizable. Dwellics is updated constantly, using the latest data to produce ranked lists of the best cities in the U.S., and its calculator functions create custom lists for each individual user based in their personal wants and needs.

Providing expert advice on a variety of topics related to relocation is the objective of Dwellics’ Blog, offering informative articles on topics from how to find the best city to move to, how to move with a pet, or tips and tricks for packing, to how to improve your credit score or qualify for a home loan.

Building partnerships with industry leaders in mortgage lending and real estate is Giselle’s newest endeavor, with the goal of offering Dwellics users direct access to home loans and real estate professionals in their specific geographic area. She truly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life, however they choose to define it, and works tirelessly to ensure Dwellics provides all the information people looking to relocate will need to make the most informed decision.

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