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Choosing where to move is a difficult choice. That’s why it’s important to get the information you need beforehand.

By using a patented algorithm created by PhD data scientists, you can compare over 100 different metrics in more than 60,000 locations in the United States.

Dwellics data comes from multiple organisations, governmental institutions, and city locals just like you, so the data you get is up to date, and the real deal.

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Are You a Veteran?

VERB (Veteran Real Estate Benefits) has partnered with Dwellics to offer Veteran exclusive services to you, at no cost to your budget.

You’ll gain access to specialised Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders,
A VREB Account Manager, and more.

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Looking For a Decent Mortgage?

We’ve partnered with select mortgage lenders that offer mortgage rates that undercut the US average, leaving more money in your pocket.

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Compare Your City With Another

If you want know if another city is better than your current one, this tool will help you.

You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of dozens of data points, including cost of living, taxes, natural disaster risks, air and water quality, climate, environment, local government and infrastructure, school performance, community demographic details like population size, religious and political affiliation, and much more.

Compare side by side:


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Interactive Map Of The Best Places In The U.S.

Click on a state to see a list of the cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods Dwellics has analyzed the data on. The darker colors indicate a larger number of cities for which data is available. Use the fillable section in the green bar below the map to research a city of interest.

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Discover The Best Cities To Relocate To In 2023

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Need Data For Your Move?

Skip the calculators and get the data that's important to you by filling out our unique, algorithm driven form.

Our data is sourced from places like the United States Census Bureau, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and much more. Scroll down our data page for more details.


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